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Q: Years Experience

A: Twenty-Six

Q: Favorite Color

A: Red

Q: Birthday

A: July 6,1966 (nice try pal, you'll have to use all of your fingers and toes to figure that one out...)

Q: Favorite Treat

A: That is definitely a toss-up between semi-sweet chocolate chip cookies (with no nuts!), or brownie marshmallow cookies from Cutler's in Bountiful.  

Q: Coke or Pepsi

A: What kind of man do you think I am?... Pepsi all the way!

Q: Family Life

A: I have been married for 26 years to my rock-n-roll partner in crime, Becky. We have 2 kids, a daughter Tere and a son Christopher. We have two handsome little grandkids, Kellin and Duncan.

Q: Toothbrush Color

A: Blue

Q: Favorite Book

A: The Infinite Atonement by Tadd Callister

Q: Favorite Movie

A: Dead Poets Society

"No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas CAN change the world!"

Q: What would you secretly binge watch all day on TV?

A: Law & Order SVU. Ice-T, Mariska,  and I obviously go WAY back.  

Q: Bucket List Items

A: Debt free by 60 and attend the Masters Golf Tournament in Augusta, Georgia with my Father-In-Law.

Q: Something that would surprise us if we knew?

A: I'm a bass player, I was in a classic rock band in St. George for many years and even played in Vegas at the Palace Station.

Q: Your Guilty Pleasure

A: Spending time at my cabin doing absolutely NOTHING!

Q: What radio station is on in your car right now?

A: 95.9 The Hawk.... ONLY ROCK N' ROLL BABY!

Q: Most Unusual Talent

A: I can remember ANY phone number. I still remember landline numbers for people who don't even have landlines anymore!

Q: Fur Babies

A: I don't have any pets at this time. Our border collie/black lab mix of 16 years passed away June of 2017.

Q: What is the worst food you've ever tasted?

A: One time when I was about seven, my mom made parsnips and accidently burnt them. She nearly burnt the house down and the smell in our home was AWFUL for over 3 weeks!

Q: Unlimited Sushi or Unlimited Tacos for life?

A: This is absolutely nothing even worth TAC-IN about.... 100% Tacos.

Q: What are some of the most amazing places you have traveled?

A: A few of my favorites include: Western Caribbean, Easter Caribbean, Barbados, Belize, Roatan, Cabo, Myan Ruins, Hawaii, Lake Powell, South Texas, The 16th Hole at the Phoenix Open Golf Tournament.

Q: What cheesy song do you know ALL the words to?

A: Popcorn Popping On The Apricot Tree (of course, duh!)

Q: If everything in your house had to be all one color, what color would it be?

A: Yellow

Q: Favorite Band


Well, they call me the working man, I guess that's what I am. -Working Man, RUSH

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you are one most kind gentle loving man I have ever known and knowing why Becky loves you so much i am so amazed at all your accomplishments make me happy to know you

Posted by dawna martinez on Friday, September 7th, 2018 at 8:15am

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