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New Year... SAME YOU!

Posted by Bob Richards on Tuesday, January 1st, 2019 at 10:40pm.

I was inside my favorite smoothie shop the other day. We frequent it a lot and there is a familiar letter board inside that always makes me wonder if people actually envision a life creating healthy, "pun"-ny quotes, or if it's just a calling you stumble upon accidently. I will admit, they are always clever, but yet still leave you  wondering what the kale they even mean. Like you know they are just wrong, but they feel so ripe. Okay, okay, lettuce stop before this gets guacward.. ( know... those).

Ironically, this week's quote didn't leave me with a leafy-earthy taste in my mouth, It read, "NEW YEAR, SAME YOU, because you are ALREADY pretty amazing!". I didn't have much time to let it sink in, as I poked the straw through my scrumptious, tropical, goodness and started sippin'. However, the image of the board hasn't left my memory this week as the January jitters have started making their way to the front of my mind.


What does that even mean?

What good would a January 1st be if I was going to be the same person?

What resolutions will I fail by next week if I don't have a list of improvements to write down on a pretty piece of paper?

 I just can't quite wrap my perfectionist head around it, so then why do I LOVE its meaning so much? For as long as I can remember, I have always been

a go getter.

a task maker.

a list creator.

with a never ending ambition to not check the box until I've reached 100%. I am an imperfectly, perfect resolution seeker. I live for Monday mornings and long for January firsts. That clean slate that only a new year can offer me. It's as if I wake up a new human being. Ready to take on the world with a never ending self-improvement list.

 I know I can't be alone. I know today, so many of you woke up just as ruthless as I did. Determined that this is our year.

But underneath that exhausting ambition, whether it only lasted a few hours, or days, or weeks, or maybe the entire month of January, is a soul that needed to read the letter board in the smoothie shop. It might be a NEW YEAR, and you might have NEW RESOLUTIONS to make wonderful, life-changing choices and dreams come true, but no Monday morning, no beginning of the month, and no January 1st, will ever change the fact that there is a HUGE, MAJOR, part of you, that is perfect just the way it is. You might lose weight, you might chisel away at some of your December debt, you might run a marathon, continue with your education, cut out soda, join a book club, you might even stay on top of the laundry with your new rose gold colored Pinterest cleaning schedule... 2019 really just might be YOUR year!

But, just in case it's not...

I hope in 2019 YOU REMEMBER how happy you made the people around you feel. I hope you remember how you held the door for that nice lady at the grocery store. Remember how you took a few extra minutes to read that bedtime story to little ears who giggle when you use your best monster voice. Remember how you surprised your sweetheart with a single cut flower you borrowed from the neighbor's rose bushes. Remember how you went out of your way to chat with a loved one you haven't seen in a while. Remember the way the snow covered Pine Valley mountains looked without the filter and thumb scroll. Remember the morning you stayed home from the gym and let all your children climb in bed with you. Remember the way you belly laughed over dinner and dessert with old friends.
But most importantly I hope you remember, it might be a NEW year, but the YOU who woke up this morning, is just as amazing as the one who went to bed on December 31st.

In true, smoothie letter board fashion, we are completely rooting for you to succeed in all you set out to do this year! We are berry inspired by all of you, and don't want you to think we don't carrot all about your 2019 resolutions to become a little bit better version of YOU!

Happy New Year to all our Bob Richard & Associates friends and family!

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Written By: Nakelle Prisbrey 


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