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Posted by Bob Richards on Friday, May 17th, 2019 at 5:00am.

We've got BIG news!

Bob Richards and Associates has a new fresh look. We have updated our branding identity, meaning a new style, a bright color, a bold look, with that same ol' CONSIDER IT DONE feel. You can look forward to seeing these exciting new changes as we implement it across our social media accounts, the BUY UTAH website, our documents, and postcards.

We believe the new look matches what we have become over the last few decades: a provider of simplicity, meaningful experience, hard work and dedication, standing out above the rest, creativity, and modernizing the thoughtful and detailed efforts that go into making some of the biggest decisions of your life... the most rewarding

Behind every logo or brand we will always find new looks and updates, much like the trends in style and appearance change over time within ourselves and those around us. We as human beings are an ever-changing society, constantly renovating our home decor, our fashion, our parenting styles, our diets, the latest car models, our goals and desires, our teaching methods, our business tactics, our lifestyles, and our thought processes.  However, what remains constant is the foundation our values are built upon. The bones that hold it all together. The stability and structure, underneath the components that make it all work. 

Here at Bob Richards and Associates, we know it doesn't matter what you think when you see our new font, or the colors we choose. We do however, hope you think about all the laughs we've ever shared, or the relief you felt when you signed that very last document. We hope it reminds you of our loyalty and integrity and our passion and commitment to saving you time and money. 

And most importantly, when you see it, please always remember...


After all, isn't that what a true design goal should be?


Written By: Nakelle Prisbrey 

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