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Bob Richards & Associates

Want to experience one of the Top 10 Most Scenic Marathons? 

Or walk along side uplifting neighbors and friends during the Mayor's Walk with Mayor Jon Pike and his family?

Or feel the crisp fall breeze on your face as you brave the pavement in the Wheelchair and Handcrank Division?

Maybe you're like me, and just want a snow cone and some pom-poms to wave as these inspirational participants race by...

Well, #CONSIDERTHIS: The 42nd Annual St. George Marathon.

The colorful and vibrant St. George Marathon descends nearly 2,600 feet from the beautiful purple and blue Pine Valley Mountains, over and around the volcanic black lava rocks of Diamond Valley, down through the white Snow Canyon boulders, and into the red rocks that we call Dixie.

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Darel Nakai: Buyer Specialist

Darel's favorite color is Green. His guilty pleasure is Bacon. He could binge watch Arrested Development all day if Bob would let him, and he is dad of the year because he knows all of the words and will belt proudly, Hakunah Matata like it is nobody's business.

"I was born and raised in Sandy, Utah and enjoy spending Sundays with my wife and three children. I also enjoy golfing, playing basketball and hosting BBQs with friends and family. I have been a former manager for many major companies including Ralph Lauren, Intermountain Health Care, and the Larry H. Miller Group. With this experience, I understand the meaning of world-class experience, sincere customer care, and the importance of building and maintaining a

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Blog Header Lyrics, TOM SAWYER owned by RUSH

Q: Years Experience

A: Twenty-Six

Q: Favorite Color

A: Red

Q: Birthday

A: July 6,1966 (nice try pal, you'll have to use all of your fingers and toes to figure that one out...)

Q: Favorite Treat

A: That is definitely a toss-up between semi-sweet chocolate chip cookies (with no nuts!), or brownie marshmallow cookies from Cutler's in Bountiful.  

Q: Coke or Pepsi

A: What kind of man do you think I am?... Pepsi all the way!

Q: Family Life

A: I have been married for 26 years to my rock-n-roll partner in crime, Becky. We have 2 kids, a daughter Tere and a son Christopher. We have two handsome little grandkids, Kellin and Duncan.

Q: Toothbrush Color

A: Blue

Q: Favorite Book

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Those of you who have ever had the privilege to meet Bob Richards, may have caught a tiny glimpse of his contagious attitude and driven personality. When a man like Bob sees an avenue to grow in success and knowledge, you can bet that he is the first one to board that train. Though he remains humble, his colleagues and peers would undoubtedly share of his abilities and true talent when it comes to the ins and outs of buying and selling real estate.  

It was only a matter of time before he would WOW us with another great notch on his tool belt. Somewhere in his spare time, Bob wanted to find a more personal, and helpful way to share the knowledge he has gained in his many, many, many, years of experience. A way to reach his clients on a more in-depth

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In a world that is quite literally, at your fingertips, we can understand why acronyms have become such a natural fit for social media and networking. These platforms were created based on short and snappy communication.  From IDK, to BBB, LOL and BRB, we are bombarded with acronyms. For some, they seem generally intuitive, for others, well... you know who you are.

As Realtors, we also have advanced professional certifications acronyms such as CRS (Certified Residential Specialist), ABR (Accredited Buyer Representative), and SRES (Senior Real Estate Specialist).

Bob is all of these BTW... {see what I did there}

So, what's an ADU... sounds new, doesn't it? ADU stands for: Accessory Dwelling Unit. These are livable, self-contained residences that

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Have you ever had one of those life-watching, time-stopping, relive your every breath moments? You know, the kind where this innate instinct kicks in and you suddenly become a superhero inside who can accomplish ANYTHING that needs to be done? One of those moments that immediately redirects your path, your intentions, and your focus for life. One of those moments where you just know who you are and what your purpose is...

That moment when you DISCOVER YOUR WHY.

It is amazing how that feeling comes and goes for most of us. For Bob Richards, that feeling has been the fire that fuels him to succeed in life.  I guess you could say his golden number for 2018 would be twenty-six. For twenty-six years he has watched the sunset on these beautiful red rocks

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