Jonah Larsen,

Jonah was born and raised in Southern Utah, just north of St. George, in a rural community. He was taught to work at a young age and knows what hard work is. He loves Southern Utah, and especially St. George and the communities that make up the city. He loves the rich history of the state of Utah, and can't wait to help others find their part in that history.

Jonah graduated from Dixie High School in 2018, and despite being young, has accomplished a lot in his life. He has been in many leadership roles in school, scouts, and his religious affiliation. He has had several poems and essays published and ranked 2nd nationally with the Agricultural Issues team his senior year. He also served a full time mission for his church in upstate New York, which was unfortunately cut short when COVID19 hit the country.

Outside of work Jonah likes to fill his time with the things he loves to do. He mostly loves spending his free time with his family and friends. He likes to use the weather in Utah to his advantage, riding a plethora of toys from his BMX bike, skateboards, or four-wheelers and dirt bikes. He has a deep love for music and spends a lot of time exploring new bands and genres to build great playlists that he can share with people. He loves animals and his dog, MaddiLou, in particular. He loves to take his dog to the many hiking trails in Southern Utah and explore all that this amazing land has to offer. Jonah loves a good story, and is writing several books, and loves watching movies and TV shows and likes to play video games with his nephews.

Jonah has lived in the same house since he was a week old, and has no desire to leave Southern Utah. Growing up in Southern Utah, Jonah learned that calling a house a home isn't just who you're with or the building you live in, but also the community in which you get to serve and work in, and the neighbors who you grow to love and call family. So many people are coming here to find solace, opportunities, retirement, and to grow their families. Jonah is excited to help others find houses and call Southern Utah their home.

To accomplish this, Jonah has joined a team of REALTORS with Bob Richards and Associates at Berkshire Hathaway. Among all of the agents on his team, they have over 75 years of combined experience. Bob's team have all had things happen in their lives that caused their lives to change and require them to need help. They have all vowed to serve the community in a way that helps the economy, the title of a REALTOR, and most importantly making any real estate purchases seem less and easy for their clients. “Consider It Done!” has been Bob Richards slogan for 30 years now, and is the slogan of Jonah and every one of his team members.

When it comes to your real estate goals in 2022, Consider It Done!

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